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yoga the ultimate solution

Yoga - The Miraculous Ancient Art:

  • gives strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and energy
  • gives good health and prevents many diseases
  • relieves stress, calms the mind, frees restless desires, increases concentration, gives lasting pleasure and inner freedom
  • helps to stretch, tone, refresh, relax and soothe the nerves
  • helps to improve other physical activities, increases the range of motion and reduces injury in sports
  • makes one look and feel years younger
  • disciplines the path to physical, mental and spiritual growth, gives experiences of transcending beyond the body and mind
  • is an incredible program for internal organs, circulation, digestion, and regular elimination
  • is the root to the eastern martial arts and medicines
  • is a great body, mind, fitness program
  • is inexpensive, all one needs to have is six feet of space and the will to learn this Art

Time was when I despised the body; Then I saw the utmost knowledge within And the body, I realized is the Lord's shrine. Hence, I began upholding it with endless care. - Tirumantiram

Our Mission

Sivaya Yoga Studio is dedicated to teaching and promoting Hatha Yoga in South Africa. The founder of this studio was initiated by Swami Siddhanantha Sarswathy Yogi, Nallur, Jaffna. Although the Studio is not affiliated with other dedicated Yoga Organizations, it will promote and support them. The Studio plans to offer a teacher training program and will provide support to Yoga professionals. The Studio also plans to involve more research into Ancient Tamil Scripts on Astanga Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Siddha Medicine and Practical Workshops.


Cell :082 680 1312
Fax:086 754 4665
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Glen Gables,
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South Africa
GPS:25.7688463S, 28.2902788E
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